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Archive 14 - April-June 2003


The Harvest, Sarbi, Romania, 2000
In August, oat fields paint the landscape with golden rectangles. A family must cut their crop before it is fully ripe or the seeds will fall into the earth. To prepare the stalks for being threshed, they must first tie them in bundles.

Recolta, Sarbi, Romania, 2000
ėn august, c‰mpurile de ovałz coloreazał peisajul cu dreptunghiuri galbene. O familie trebuie sał-süi taie recolta ”nainte de a fi coapta ł total, or altfel semintüele vor całdea pe pałm‰nt. Pentru a tałia paiele, acestea trebuie ”nainte legate ”n snopi.