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WIPI Distinguished Photographers Award - Presentation
Photographic Editions - Destroy the negative? Where's the value? Important Information !
Elizabeth Kenneday , Iceland

Women In Photography International Distinguished Photographers Award

International Photo Awards - December 7, 2003   
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Annie Leibovitz 2003

Annie, NBC Today Show                                        ©Jean Ferro

11/03 Interview w/Matt Lauer about her new book "American Music"

Women In Photography International (WIPI) is proud to announce Annie Leibovitz as the winner of our Distinguished Photographer Award 2003. A collaboration with International Photography Awards enables WIPI to continue a time honored tradition of presenting an award to one of the top artists in the field of photography today. Past recipients include:

Past Recipients include: Eve Arnold, 1983, Ruth Bernhard, 1984, Judy Dater, 1985 Marion Post Wolcott, 1986 Linda McCartney, 1987 Mary Ellen Mark, 1988 Ruth Orkin, 1989 Joyce Tenneson, 1990 Berenice Abbott, 1991 Grace Robertson, 1992 Annie Leibovitz, 2003

"Annie joins a select group of women who have provided incredible images to satiate our visual appetite for great work" said Jean Ferro, PhotoArtist and WIPI President. 'Annie is an inspiration to every women working in photography today, she is a very talented artist, and business woman, a combination that spells success." Annie was chosen from WIPI's list of nominees including: Uta Barth, Lillian Bassman, Jodi Cobb, Helen Levitt, Annie Leibovitz, Sally Mann, Annette Messager, Catherine Opie, Cindy Sherman, Carrie Mae Weems, Mariana Yampolsky.

After a long hiatus, WIPI is proud to present our 2003 Distinguished Photographers award, to Annie Leibovitz!

There are so many talented women photographers working in the world today. From the established classics to new and innovative talent. WIPI has chosen Annie Leibovitz as the 2003 winner. Annies incredible talent shines the world over.
The Nominees included:

Women In Photography International Distinguished Photographer's Award (presented by WIPI)
Uta Barth, Lillian Bassman, Jodi Cobb, Annie Leibovitz, Helen Levitt, Sally Mann, Annette Messager, Catherine Opie, Cindy Sherman, Carrie Mae Weems, Mariana Yampolsky

Winners and Nominees Announced For International Photography 2003 GalaAwards Ceremony

First-of-its-kind Photography Event to Recognize Photography Masters and Present Them With a "Lucie" For Their Achievements

2003 Lucie Awards Honorees Get Standing Ovations First of it's kind photography event completely sold out! Beverly Hills, Dec. 7, 2003, Calif., --- International Photography Awards (IPA), Lucie Awards had a stellar event at the Beverly Hilton. Over 600 people attended the affair to pay tribute to the Masters in Photography. The photographer of the year title and a $10,000 prize was awarded to Chris Frazer-Smith of UK.

There were also eleven Lucies presented to talents in various support categories. Photographers Steve McCurry, William Claxton, Douglas Kirkland and Phil Stern received standing ovations for their work. Douglas Kirkland stated, "The Movie industry has its Oscars and now the photography community has its Lucie's." Ruth Bernhard and Henri Cartier-Bresson could not attend in person, but both accepted their awards virtually.
Ninety-Eight year old Bernhard, in a moving speech, accepted her Lucie via video and Bresson sent a hand written note to the IPA, "Thank you to the IPA for this wonderful honor."

Presenters included: Leonard Nimoy, Brendan Fraser, Ali McGraw, Vidal Sassoon, Kent Kobersteen from National Geographic, Vilmos Zsigmond and Paul Handgrover from LACMA. The event was hosted by Fred Willard. The Lucie Awards paid tribute to the Master's of Photography and the award recipients included: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ruth Bernhard, Phil Borges, Bob Evans, R J Muna, Phil Stern, William Claxton, Douglas Kirkland, Melvin Sokolsky, Mary Ellen Mark, Steve McCurry, Tim Street-Porter, Gene Trindl and Annie Leibovitz.

"It was a dream come true. I am so pleased at the success of the event. Everyone was so gracious and the event was more wonderful than I could have hoped for. I am looking forward to next year!" said Hossein Farmani, Chairman of the Lucie Awards. The next Lucie awards are planned for October 2004 in New York.

The WINNERS and nominees of the International Photography Awards are:

Humanitarian Award - * - Phil Borges
presented by Ammnesty International

Visionary Award - * - Robert Evans

presented by Bret Ratner

Lifetime Achievement in Photography nominees - * - Henri Cartier-Bresson
presented by Leonard Nimoy
nominees: Arthur Leipzig, Bruce Davidson, Gordon Parks, Helmut Newton, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Irving Penn, Larry Fink, Richard Avedon, Robert Frank, Robert Heinecken, Ruth Bernhard, William Claxton

Outstanding Achievement in Advertising - * - R J Muna
presented by APA, Jim McHugh
Craig Cutler, Doug Menuez, Glen Wexler, Greg Gorman, Howard Schatz, Jean Moss, Jim Erickson, Larry Fink, Laurie Rubin, Mary Ellen Mark, Moshe Brakha, Nadav Kander, Parish Kohanim, Peggy Sirota, Pete Barrett, Pete McArthur, Phil Marco, RJ Muna, Rodney Smith, Sally Gall, Stephen Wilkes, Stewart Cohen

Outstanding Achievement in Architecture/Landscape Photography - * - Tim Street-Porter
presented by Vidal Sassoon
Ezra Stoller, Elizabeth Gill Lui, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Joel Meyerowitz, Julian Broad, Julius Shulman, Richard Misrach, Tim Street-Porter

Outstanding Achievement in Entertainment Photography - * - Douglas Kirkland
presented by Vilmos Zsigmond
Annie Leibovitz, Bob Willoughby, Bruce Weber, Douglas Kirkland, Firooz Zahedi, Greg Gorman, Harry Benson, Larry Fink, Matthew Rolston, Roxanne Lowit, William Claxton

Outstanding Achievement in Music Photography -*- William Claxton
presented by Paul Holdengraber
Annie Leibovitz, William Claxton, Greg Gorman, Harry Benson, Larry Fink, Matthew Rolston, Roxanne Lowit, David Bailey,

Outstanding Achievement in Still Photography for Motion Pictures - * - Phil Stern
presented by Peter Sorel SMPSP and Branden Fraser
Phil Stern, Stephen Vaughan, David James, Peter Sorel, Francois Duhamel, Melinda Sue Gordon, Andrew Cooper, Merrick Morton, Bob Willoughby

Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Photography - * - Mary Ellen Mark
presented by Douglas Kirkland
Larry Clark, Nan Goldin, Bruce Davidson, Elliott Erwitt, James Nachtwey, Marissa Roth, Sebastiao Salgado, Arthur Tress

Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Photography - *- Melvin Sokolsky
presented by Ali McGraw and model of the year, Jessica Miller
Brigitte LaCombe, Bruce Weber, David Bailey, David LaChapelle, Francesco Scavullo, Helmut Newton, Irving Penn, Lillian Bassman, Mario Testino, Melvin Sokolsky, Peter Lindbergh, Ralph Gibson, Richard Avedon, Sarah Moon, Steven Meisel

Outstanding Achievement in Fine Art Photography - * - Ruth Bernhard
presented by Leonard Nimoy
Arno Minkkenin, Cindy Sherman, Duane Michals, Helmut Newton, Jack Spencer, Lee Friedlander, Mary Ellen Mark, Michael Kenna, Ralph Gibson, Richard Misrach, Nadav Kandar, Ray Metzker, Robert ParkeHarrison, Ruth Bernhard, Sally Mann, Sheila Metzner, Shirin Neshat, Susan Rankaitis, William Eggleston

Outstanding Achievement in Photojournalism - * - Steve McCurry
presented by Kent Kobersteen, National Geographic
Antonin Kratochvil, Carolyn Cole, David Burnett, Gary Knight, Horst Faas, James Nachtwey, Lauren Greenfield, Nick Ut, Ron Haviv, Seamus Murphy, Sebastiao Salgado, Steve McCurry, Tom Stoddart

Outstanding Achievement in Portrait Photography - * - Gene Trindl
presented by ASMP and William King
Albert Watson, Annie Liebovitz, Arnold Newman, Bert Stern, Bettina Rheims, Gene Trindl, Gordon Parks, Paul Jasmin, Richard Avedon, Joyce Tenneson

See photos from GALA event

Women In Photography International Distinguished Photographer's Award - * - Annie Leibovitz
presented by Jean Ferro, WIPI
nominees: Uta Barth, Lillian Bassman, Jodi Cobb, Helen Levitt, Annie Leibovitz , Sally Mann , Annette Messager, Catherine Opie, Cindy Sherman, Carrie Mae Weems , Mariana Yampolsky

Photographer of the Year - Chris Frazer-Smith
New Discovery Award - Robert Vizzini

About IPA
IPA is comprised of 10,000 members and affiliates from around the world. IPA's mission is to salute the achievements of the world's finest photographers, to discover new and emerging talent, and to promote the appreciation of photography. 2003 will mark the first annual awards ceremony acknowledging photographer's achievements from around the world in various categories. These awards will give these influential artists the recognition they deserve. Visit

About Lucie Awards
The Lucie Award will make it debut at the Gala Awards on December 7, 2003. The statue was influenced by two photographers, Frantisek Drtikol and E. O. Hoppe. "Lucie" is the sculptural form inspired by the synthesis of two famous photographic images from the first half of the twentieth century. Taken from the Latin word, "lux" for "light", Lucie is a tribute to the influence and role light plays in photography.
International Photo Awards

International Photography Awards 844 S. Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035 U.S.A. (310) 659-0122 Fax: (310) 652-7114 General Information

photos: ©Waldemar Gorlewski \ Agencja Gazeta \ website:

Also see: accompanying article about Annie's visit to Poland with her 1998 exhibition

Life is pretty strange anyway: Annie Leibovitz
in conversation with fotoTAPETA's Anna Beata Bohziewicz
( Warsaw's Hotel Bristol, January 19, 1998)

ABB: - Are you shy?

AL: - Oh! We are all shy. No one knows how to talk. Sometimes we sit in my studio and everywhere is very quiet and no one talks. It drives me crazy... There must be a reason why people who are photographers are not very good at verbal communication. I don't want to believe this, as I think we get lazy. We think because we are photographers we don't have to try to communicate. But I know from my own personal experience that it's hard to watch something to go on and then suddenly to be talking at the same time. read

See photos from GALA event
biographical information on the nominees
Uta Barth, Lillian Bassman, Jodi Cobb, Helen Levitt, Annie Leibovitz , Sally Mann , Annette Messager,
Catherine Opie, Cindy Sherman, Carrie Mae Weems , Mariana Yampolsky

Photographic Editions - Destroy the negative? Where's the value?

Thoughts and e-mail exchanges on the subject by Jean Ferro

6/24/03 between Jean Ferro, (intro and questions) (response) Stephen Perloff, Editor The Photo Review / The Photograph Collector and Elizabeth Ferrer, Specialist Mexican Art, along with an excerpt from Alex Novak, iPhoto Central on Vintage collecting

In the early to mid-seventies, a photograph of Imogene Cunningham was very affordable. At the time, photographers were always trying to find ways to "increase" the value of their work. A photograph (price/value) did not compare to a great painting or even a mediocre, one of a kind painting. The cost of producing the image and the selling price were very close to each other,especially cibachrome prints and dye transfer prints.

Lithographs were among the most affordable and popular collectible. First you had the artist signed litho's and then, followed a supply of unsigned litho's. The artist would create a limited 2nd generation edition from his original art work and then destroy the plates that created the lithograph. Hence, one was left with a limited supply of a 2nd generation image, the original and perhaps a couple of artists proofs. read more


Elizabeth Kenneday

All images copyright Elizabeth Kenneday

When I was informed that I had been selected to receive a Fulbright Scholar grant to lecture at the Kennaraháskóli (Iceland University of Education), I was unbelievably elated and somewhat terrified at the same time. Now that I have been here for almost a month, (arrived in Reykjavik on January 2 and will be here until June 1), I am completely enchanted with both the country and the people. Most of the city dwellers know some English and are happy to use it with you.

My students have been enthusiastic and and great fun to work with, and my colleagues have been quite generous with their time and hospitality. I am teaching a Photoshop class for future teachers and have been working with current teachers to help integrate art into their curriculums. From them I have learned so much already about Icelandic folk tales, beliefs, and customs. I really think it I am the true student here.

The weather is surprisingly mild - unless the wind is blowing! We have had rain, enough snow to cross country ski in the park across the street from our apartment, and, currently, blinding sunshine in -4 degrees (C) temperature. The weather is constantly changing and predictions are really guesses.

The daylight has lasted longer than I thought, but still not enough to get some serious photographic work done until now. The possibilities are endless, especially for someone interested in landscape such as myself. The lava fields, the vast arctic deserts, the cityscapes with roads which run around lava formations where the elves are believed to dwell, the parklands, and the glaciers are only a part ofthe
visual opportunities.

Currently, the Icelanders are celebrating the season known as ▀orrablót (if the first letter does not come through, it is because it is unique to the language - it looks sort of like a P, but it is somewhat like the Œth‚ sound in English), or the season of Thor. Traditional Icelandic foods are eaten, such as putrified shark, cod´s cheeks, and some other unusual dishes that early Viking settlers survived on in harsh winters. I was taken to a wonderful restaurant with antiques and handmade Victorian menus in the old part of Reykjavík, the Vi‹ Tjornina, to sample some of it. Most of it was actually quite good, but the putrified shark was a bit much for my palate. One finishes the shark with a large shot of the local schnapps, Brenniven, or the Black Death. It does remove the remaining taste of the shark quite nicely. And, of course, there are great parties!

And, yes, it is very expensive here in Iceland. The tax structure is quite high and most of the goods must be imported. With the devaluation of the dollar, it is even more likely that Americans will suffer sticker shock when travelling here. My husband and I gave up even looking at prices after a couple of weeks ˆ it was too unsettling. Now we just buy what we need and make sure it IS something we need.

I have not gotten very far out of the Reykjavík area yet, but I have five months and I hope to experience as much as one can in that period of time. So far, it has been quite an adventure!

Elizabeth Kenneday

All Images copyright Elizabeth Kenneday
1. The view from Kópavogur looking towards Reykjavík. Iceland 2004
2. Fishing Boat, Iceland, 2004
3. New trees waiting to be planted after the winter, Iceland, 2004
4. The view from the lunchroom window. Iceland, 2004
5. Traditional Icelandic shoes made from fish skins for the outer shoe and
knitting for the inner shoe, also from the National Museum of Iceland´s
warehouse. 2004

e-mail: Elizabeth Kenneday

Assistant Professor (still am) of Art (photography) and Liberal Studies at the California State University, Long Beach. While in Reykjavik until June 1, Elizabeth is teaching digital imaging and computer graphics for educators as well as giving guest lectures at the University as well as for other groups such as the Akademi of Art in Reykjavik (one of my lecture topics is, not surprisingly, "Women in Photography"). Elizabeth is also giving one of her favorite short-term workshops in pinhole photography for teachers.

Elizabeth Kenneday, a WIPI PRO member and included in the juried, 20th Anniversary Tea Time Exhibition and CD.

A Classic MUST READ Article for Artists

GETTING WORK SHOWN - by photographer Juanita Richeson From the very first assignment, I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Since 1991, I have worked on photography every day. As I was confident in my knowledge of Art History, I was ignorant about photography's technical applications. Award winning photographer Juanita Richeson shares her TOP tips for success: Be talented. Have well-developed projects. More substance than style. Don't pander. Believe what you are doing matters.