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Denise Dee

Denise Dee became a photographer on a trip to Ireland in the early 90's. Ms. Dee was convinced the spirits of Ireland guided her as to when to snap the lens but photographer friends convinced her otherwise. She dabbled in photography until 2007 and started to shoot a lot more upon receiving a camera for Christmas. Her work has appeared in shows in California, Illinois, Arizona, Wisconsin and Colorado. Denise led photography workshops for homeless residents of the Tenderloin in San Francisco. Punk rock played an important part in her creative development and it's "Why not?" spirit remains as a mantra along with "Don't look away". Her photos have been published in F-Stop Magazine, Ink, and Tattoo Highway.

Denise Dee is also a playwright, poet, and prose writer. She was in punk bands in the 70's and edited the seminal punklitzines Lobster Tendencies and The Closest Penguins. Her band Hans Brinker and the Dykes appear in Debt Begins at Twenty a film by Stephanie Beroes. Her play The Family Tree was awarded "Best New Drama" and "Best of the Fringe" at the S.F. Fringe Festival. Her book Sowkins sold out of it's first printing. Denise wrote the lyrics for the title track of The Bad Cassettes forthcoming CD Cellophane Country. Some of her favorite places she's been published are Thieves Jargon, Monday Night Magazine, All Things Girl, The City, Zyzzva, and The Awakenings Review. Ms. Dee is thrilled to announce some of her poems were translated and published in Poland in 2006. Denise was one of the editors and publishers of Nerve House based in Milwaukee.

Cities she has lived in include Pittsburgh, New York, San Francisco, Cleveland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Flagstaff and Albuquerque.

submission images

Sleep Walking,  Pittsburgh, PA

Ladies Pittsburgh 1991

Are We Not Men Ireland, 1992

Free Fall, Milwaukee 2007

The Guardians, Ireland 1993

Shy Poland, 1993

Stranger In A Strange Land Milwaukee 2007

Childhood, Milwaukee 2008

Shrine to the Ancestors San Francisco 1998

Repose, Poland 1993

Silent Scream Milwaukee 2008

Milwaukee, 2008

Denise Dee  

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