Juror : Claudia James Bartlett
Director, Stephen Cohen Gallery, Co-Producer, Director, photo la


Tasha Barrie

Emergence 1    Restless Somnolence Series

Emergence 2   Restless Somnolence Series

Comfort 1    Lilac Room Series

Comfort 2   Lilac Room Serie



Beauté des Jardins

A Home Between the Rocks


Tasha Barrie
Calgary, Canada

is an artist and photographer originating from Calgary Alberta, Canada. In 2012 she completed her studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design receiving a Bachelors Degree of Design in Photography. Upon graduation Tasha was compelled to follow her curiosities and her heart to France. She currently resides in Western France, Finistère. With her gentle contemplative approach to photography, Tasha’s work has been described as feminine, sentimental, and thought provoking. Often working with series’ a narrative quality is ever present throughout her pieces. Presently she is delving into the French language and culture with her camera close at hand. Whilst she develops her travel writing skills, she is employing photography as a tool for engaging with, and understanding the new and foreign world that unfolds before her.


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