Hanging On

Maria Errico
Lincoln University, Pensylvania
1st Place Gallery

Juror PEOPLE: Jo Garden
Editor / PQ Blackwell LTD, MILKbooks

Juror Choice Gallery

Angela Estes . Anna Maria Basile . Cristina Saucedo . Heather Jacks
Ivy Bigbee . Janet Milhomme . Janice Milhem . Leah Abrahams
Leena Hannonen Leila Barbaro . Maria Åkerblom

Maureen J. Haldeman . Wendi Schneider

Capturing Pictures from the Past: Boy in Pool,   2012
Angela Estes
Napa, California, USA

Sax    2010
Anna Maria Basile
Reggio Calabria - Italia

The Presence     2013
Cristina Saucedo  
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico


The Dance
 Heather Jacks     
Germantown, Maryland, USA

Young Girl by Lily Pond      2009
Ivy Bigbee
Centreville, Virginia, USA

Preparing the Festal Meal
Janet Milhomme
Woodland Hills, California, USA




Southwest Detroit Fight Club
Janice Milhem   
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Graduation      2012
Leah Abrahams      
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Sufi Dance/Trance       2009
Leah Abrahams      
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA


Color Study
Leah Abrahams      
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA

Diesel     2013
Leena Hannonen
Julian, California, USA

Leila Barbaro
London, United Kingdom

Maria Åkerblom   
Järvsö, Sweden

Opening Night

Maureen J Haldeman      

Malibu, California, USA



Wendi Schneider      
Denver, Colorado, USA

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