Michele Zousmer
Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA
1st Place Gallery

Juror ANIMALS: Cat Jimenez
Co Founder, Month of Photography LA / Director, Lucie Foundation

Juror Choice 

Barb Young . Carolyn Meltzer . Cristina Saucedo . Heather Buckley
Jane Olin . Juliet Harrison . Margaret Evans . Maureen J. Haldeman
Michele Zousmer . Sarah Corbin . Susan Kordish

Sunrise Steam
Barb Young   
Montrose, Colorado, USA

Hollywood Flap
Carolyn Meltzer      
Atlanta, Georgia, USA


El Pingüino que Voló, 2010
Cristina Saucedo 
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico


Walking the Dog
Heather Buckley 1st Choice Scenic Gallery
Sussex, United Kingdom


Crow 11 from Thirteen Crows Series
Jane Olin  
Carmel Valley, California, USA




Untitled     2011
Juliet R. Harrison   
Red Hook, New York, USA


Fauns     2007
Margaret P. Evans       
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, USA



Maureen J Haldeman      
Malibu, California, USA


Michele Zousmer   Juror 1st Place Gallery
Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA


Horse Eye
Sarah Corbin
New York, NY, USA



Polo Action
Susan Kordish      
Skull Valley, Arizona, USA

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