Out of Focus 2013

DEADLINE - SUNDAY, Sept 8, 2013 midnight  (PDT - Los Angeles)
Notification to Winners - Oct. 1
October 15 - PRESENTATION online exhibition

Example Files


* JPEG's at "high" quality
* 72 dpi -100 dpi resolution
* 10 inches approximately)
or 800-1000 pixels at their widest point

Photo listings:

(Browse and/or Upload - photo attachment: i.e.,
File Name:

 Image sizes


Horizontal image WIDTH
10" width (approx)
or 800-1000 pixels widest point
72 dpi or 100 dpi

SQUARE image
10" x 10" (approx)
or 1000  x 1000 pixels
72 dpi or 100 dpi
Vertical image HEIGHT
10" height (approx) 
or 800-1000 pixels tall
72 dpi or 100 dpi
Example of size for pixel size for WIDTH for 72 dpi and 100dpi


To be assured of proper submission, please organize your files ahead of time with the proper identity for the competition.

File name can only contain alphanumeric characters only. abcdef-123456, only a dash or underscore is permitted.
no spaces or symbols

 When you are ready to upload, the entry form will ask you to browse,
GO TO the folder you have prepared on your desktop where you prepared the images for submission and browse for the image.  

i.e., Last name, image number
(Smith_category_01jpg) (Smith_category_02.jpg)

Image File Name that you type on the form should match
your "attached image file name from your computer file"

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