When will "The Portrait" exhibition be online...?

December 30th. Both Winning images and Honorable Mention's will be published online on December 30, 2006.  Following online presentation, the file will be archived online and accessible through the
WIPI Exhibition link, a block on the HOME page and through the Archive section.

Can I mail a CD...?
No - online submission only.

How Many images will be chosen...?
Top 25 and 50 Honorable Mention.

How will prizes be distributed...?
We will have an array of valuable/and or fun prizes. The top 25 will be placed in a "hat" style drawing and the prizes will be drawn from the 25 winning images and winners will have 30 days to claim their prizes. NEW, WIPI has arranged for ALL 25 winners to receive a pirze! Happy Hollidays !

What is the image size requested...?
5" x 7" image (360 x 500 pixels, approximate VERTICLE or HORIZONTAL)
7" x 7" (500 x 500 pixels approximate SQUARE ) see instruction samples

Could you let me know.... ?
Did you receive my entry? Once you fill out the online form, you will receive a response e-mail confirming your entry, please print and make a copy for your files. WIPI will e-mail winning entries by Dec. 15th. If you haven't received an e-mail, please visit the website for a list of the winners which will be posted by Dec. 15.

How do I pay for my entry.... ?

We accept PayPal payments or Western Union. Please follow entry form instructions. If requested, WIPI members can send a check. NON-members, PayPal or money order only. If you are sending a money order, please write for instructions. Anniversary@womeninphotography.org

Can I become a WIPI member to take advantage of the discount?
Yes, see JOIN WIPI info

I'm not very digital savvy, how can I submit?

You will have to find someone to help you with your files. WIPI Provided instruction samples to help you understand what is required for submission.

I'm not a WIPI member, Can I have my website link listed with my image?
For the Exhibition, we reserve the linking advantage to WIPI members only. We will place links with images for those with membership up-to-date. WIPI works very hard to produce and promote projects. This is a way to support the WIPI Membership.

PLEASE READ: Sometimes when I receive an e-mail with the http:// link, it doesn't work. Any suggestions?
Some e-mail message space splits the link and carries part of it over to the next line. DOUBLE check the url. It should have .htm or .html at the end of the line.. all connected. If it's broken, just copy the entire URL and paste it into a new browser window and all should be fine.

ml (the broken text ht  ml is a broken line - this won't work)
Should read: http://www.womeninphotography.org/wipihome.html

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