Gallery Presentation Juror / Presidents Choice
Susan Spiritus, Susan Spiritus Gallery
Hannah Sloan, Director, ROSEGALLERY
Jean Ferro, Photo Artist/President/WIPI
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Candace Biggerstaff, Newbury Park, CA. USA ( WEB  FB  WIPI-PP )
"Hot Up" juror: Jean Ferro



Candace Biggerstaff, Newbury Park, CA. USA
"Amenities" juror: Susan Spiritus



Carolyn C. Meltzer, Atlanta, GA
, USA   ( WEB   FB   WIPI-PP )
"Watercolour" 2011
juror: Jean Ferro


Christine M. Caldwell, San Pedro, CA   USA   
"Illuminated Negatives: Kelp Two" 2011
juror: Susan Spiritus




Edward L.Rubin, Los Angeles, CA, USA

"Pam" 2012
juror: Jean Ferro



Ellen Jantzen, St. Louis, MO, USA  
"Silver Forest" 2012
juror: Susan Spiritus


Heather Jacks, Belesso, ITALY
  ( WEB  WIPI- PP )
juror: Hannah Sloan



Heather Jacks
, Belesso, ITALY
   ( WEB  WIPI- PP )
"Seaside Windmill"
juror: Hannah Sloan



Hilary Neroni Burlington, VT, USA
  ( WEB )
"Ticket Seller" 2011
juror: Hannah Sloan



Iwona Duszek, Springfield, MO, USA   

"Unreal City"
juror: Susan Spiritus

Janet Milhomme, Woodland Hills, CA
, USA  
"Mariner" 2010
juror: Hannah Sloan

Joan Dooley, Pasadena, CA, USA  ( WEB  FB  LI  WIPI-PP )
"Mexico Beach"
jurors: Hannah Sloan, Susan Spiritus

DOOLEY Special Commendation Gallery


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