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ARCHIVE January - June 2008


Fluid Mask 3 by Vertus
Bling It
xTag by revolabs

MacSpeech - Dictate
Circus Ponies - ScreenCastOnline Tutorial
Mary Virginia Swanson
Showit Web
FreshList Mailing
Photographic Art Market
Maria Piscopo / Marketing

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xTag from revolabs (revolabs.com) opens new doors for those who are working in art or the business world. Record your thoughts or presentations directly into your computer. Talk about your photographs as well as document your lecture series.  No longer do you have to be bound to your computer while you are doing your layout and design and wanting to jot down all your information. Simple combine the unique xTag with a any speech recognition software program such as iListen by Mac Speech software for MAC computer users. Want to gaze out the window or delve into a cabinet while you trace the footsteps of your career with notations for your book or preparing for a lecture series? Want the freedom to move about and keep your thoughts fluid while you speak and your computer does the typing? Get xTag!

The Revolabs xTag wireless microphone system brings unmatched audio performance to the individual workspace. The desktop system connects to any computer (PC including Vista or Mac OS) via a USB without the need for software install. The xTag is an ideal solution for demanding personal audio applications such as Webconferencing, Podcasting, Voicelift, Skype and Google Talk, Speech Dictation, among many others.

Key Features
Ease of Use
The xTag USB Desktop is a plug-and-play personal
microphone that is instantly recognized by all operating systems and
immediately usable out of its box.
High Comfort
The small form factor and wireless capability combined
with the lack of a headset, makes the xTag USB Desktop an attractive and
comfortable alternative.
Rechargeable Battery
The xTag USB Desktop has a rechargeable battery
that provide eight hours of talk time after each charge. The unit will be charged any time the USB cable is connected.
High Quality
Recording/Voice Lift Capability: The xTag USB Desktop provides extremely high quality input for VOIP, Internet Telephony, Webconferencing and Recording via its state-of-the-art noise-canceling technology.

xTag from revolabs (revolabs.com)


10th Anniversary Celebration
MacSpeech turned 10 years old in 2007.

Only within the past decade have computers become powerful enough to reliably translate spoken words and phrases to written text.

Harnessing this power means freeing people from the physical tether that separates what we can say from what we can read.

Speech is pervasive. MacSpeech believes speech should be a natural extension of the computer’s existing interface. The computer should be able to not only translate what is said into written text, but should also be able to discern verbal commands and perform the appropriate actions when asked.

The amazing story of how a small company captured the speech recognition market for Macintosh. 2007 marks the 10th anniversary of MacSpeech as a company. With an amazing staff of professionals, MacSpeech has always believed speech should be pervasive on the Macintosh. This vision originates with the company’s founder, CEO, and the Chief Architect of its products, Andrew Taylor.

Who Uses Speech Recognition?
MacSpeech has found those most likely to use speech recognition fall into one of these major categories:
* Those who can’t type
* Those who don’t have time to type
* Those who don’t want (or never learned) to type
* Creative Professionals

Visit MacSpeach.com to purchase the software program that will enhance your creativity through writing and speech recognition. Also see MacSpeech for special training CD's.

ilisten, MACWORLD 2007 Education Product of the Year Award
the MacSpeach website for Roadshow presentations in your area, or call them to see if you can make arrangements with your local Camera store or Apple store for FREE instore presentation. 

August 2007 - MacSpeech certifies xTag from revolabs (revolabs.com) a USB Wireless Microphone for use with its iListen speech recognition software for Mac OS X.

NoteBook, verison 2.1

Easy to use interface that looks like your familiar notepad.

Organize your information with pages and tabs, sections and subsections.

Arrange your notes in logical outline pages or free-form writing pages, in ways that make sense to you.

Integrate photographs, graphics, movies and other documents directly into your notes.

Annotate your notes with keywords, highlighting, even voice recordings.

Protect private thoughts with passwords, covers, and encryption.

Find anything instantly using NoteBook's patented indexing system

Share it all by creating PDFs or publishing your Notebooks to HTML, including direct HTML export

Take a free, 30-day test drive and leave the clutter behind. www.CircusPonies.com

Tired of searching endlessly into folders for data?  Circus Ponies is the answer for MAC professionals. An excellent program for project minded people who are combining image, text, graphics and video notes. WIPI found this software out of our own need for project organization.

See an excellent video tutorial at: ScreenCastOnline.com
easy to follow and very informative.

Circus Ponies Software is an artisan software house founded to create best-of-breed productivity apps that showcase the richness of the Mac OS X platform. Our mission is to make software that surprises and delights users with its beauty and usefulness. The company was co-founded in 2003 by NeXTSTEPª and Javaª software veteran Jayson Adams.




For 2007 Ms. Swanson has updated and expanded this earlier publication. Her new book
is now available.

This updated edition will have expanded information on fundraising for your personal projects, the art market today, licensing images for book jackets, multimedia and your marketing, exhibition proposals, digital resources and more.

Beginning with this 2007 Edition, listings of upcoming juried exhibitions and grant competitions will be provided on Ms. Swanson's blog

Business Book

lectures and workshops


The Wedding book, Art Forms, Portfolio, Parent books, Pocket books, Family book, Portrait book, Limited publishing. A handsome, high quality product that will please yourself and your clients.

GraphiStudio also offers production assistance and the option of FTP upload. They have expert technical and photographic knowledge with reps that will work closely with you to produce the results you want.

Special packages to suit your needs. Entire collection of primary books are available in all layouts, printing technologies and cover options. Five potential layouts with beautiful yet subtle effects. Book Layouts include, Director, Studio, Panorama, Design and Reportage.

GraphiStudio has worldwide representatives as well reps in all regions of the USA

Visit the website at: www.GraphiStudio.com and see all the wonderful products available to increase your sales and promotion value. Call today for the special discount package available until Dec. 30

Check website for upcoming seminars in your area

USA telephone: 866-472-7445                Italy (0039) 047-939611

GraphiStudio: Italia USA United Kingdom Espa–a Portugal France Deutschland …sterreich Czech Republic Other countries

GaryFong.com e-Store

Showit WEB 2.0

See: Women In Photography International 25th Anniversary
"Turning Silver"

- Standalone Slide Show application for Windows or Mac - Automatically resizes images and generates Flash .swf files
- Customize music, text, colors, zoom, focal points, and include your own logo
- No knowledge of HTML, XML, or Flash required

"Great...Showit Web 2.0 is an extremely easy to use all around slide show application for Web and Computer Screen showcasing, highly recommended." Jean Ferro, Photo Artist / President, WIPI

Garyfonginc.com/ Showit Web

Also check out Paul Robison's beachcityphotos.com