Chanel Paul, Museum of Photographic Art / San Diego

Diane Cockerill
1st Place Rainbows

"Power Trip"   2012, Bel Air, California

"Reflexíon"   2011, Los Angeles, CA


"Sky Tricks"   2012, Los Angeles, CA



"Stark"   2007, Green Valley, AZ


"Vision"   2009, Los Angeles, CA   Windshield Tourist Series




"Rêve"  2011, Los Angeles, CA   Windshield Tourist Series


"Liquid"  2011, Pasadena, CA   Windshield Tourist Series




"Soji"  2012,   Curbiture series




"Hula"  2012,   Curbiture series




"Hukilau"  2012,    Curbiture series


Diane Cockerill, Los Angeles, California, USA

Diane Cockerill is a third generation Angeleno whose love of Los Angeles impacts her photography, from the macro of the downtown skyline to the micro of street curbs. Constantly seeking new images and locations, she takes the usual and offers it up with unusual perspective and sensibility.
Diane studied Fine Art at UCLA and has shown work at several Los Angeles galleries. Her photograph was selected for the I LOVE LA exhibition at Duncan Miller Gallery in 2011 as well as the Pink Art Fair in Seoul, Korea. Touring America Magazine and Southern California Women's Caucus for Art's "Women Around Town" have highlighted her work. Diane's street art persona was the topic of a recent article on Huffington Post.

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