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Honorable Mention Rainbows
Juror: Chanel Paul, Museum of Photographic Art / San Diego


Maria Åkerblom,
 Järvsö, Sweden     
Glitter, 2010


Kathy Corday Chicago, Illinois, USA
Metropolis, 199, California


Kathy Corday,  Chicago, Illinois, USA
Rainbow Brights, 2011, Hawaii


Kathy Corday,  Chicago, Illinois, USA 
Rainbow Atlantic 2011, 25,000 feet above sea level



Sue Donnelly, Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Rainbow Clouds



J. J. L'Heureux, Venice, California, USA
The Blue Mountains Rainbow, Blue Mountains, Australia


Winifred Meiser, Vista, California, USA
Walking in a Midnight Rainbow, 2011, Alaska


Gabriela Moya, Los Angeles, California, USA
Visión, New Zealand, 2006



Bev Pettit, Skull Valley, Arizona, USA
Rainbow over Granite Mountain


Bev Pettit,  Skull Valley, Arizona, USA
Rainbow at the Lazy K


Petra Sara Ronayne, Acton, Massachusetts, USA  
A Whale of a Rainbow, Gloucester, MA


Mara Zaslove, Santa Monica, California, USA
Rockin' Rainbow

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Honorable Mention

Sunrises pg1     Sunrises pg2     Sunsets pg1     Sunsets pg2     Rainbows


Barbara White       Nancy Clendaniel     Diane Cockerill  

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