Betty J. Schlueter
2nd Place

Betty J. Schlueter, Chandler, Arizona, USA      
Smile Jimmy, Smile!   April 2008

"Miles, sleeping"
October 2006

"Wyatt - 12 days old"
December 2006

"agent L"
March, 2006


January 2006

"Head for the Highway"
November, 2005


"last summer"


"essential truths about water"


Honorable Mention
"Domingo the fruit seller"
February 2006


"Phoenix at night"
July 2009

Betty Schlueter is an American born artist with an intimate and hushed view of the world. She is able to relay the quietness she sees around her in her images – touching her viewers at a very basic level.

Schlueter studied photojournalism and art in college and then moved on to fine art photography at The Evergreen State College where she earned her B. A. While in college she learned she loved medium and large format cameras and spent the weekends lugging bulky cameras and tripods to the Cascade mountains and rainy beaches of the Pacific where she taught herself the tricks of dark slides and bellows and beautiful light leaks.

Betty currently freelances as a commercial and portrait photographer in the Phoenix metro area. She has shown her minimal landscapes and macros at Arizona galleries such as Vision Gallery, Shemer Art Center and Dinnerware Artspace. Her work is held in private collections throughout the US. Her work has been seen in Bending Light Magazine, FILE Magazine and various other photo publications and books.

Schlueter’s love for cameras and historical photographic process is leading to her next project - albumen printing. This process heavy hand photo printing method dates back to 1834 and should be a wonderful pairing with Schlueter’s calm and quiet images.

Betty Schlueter
Radiant Light Studios
Chandler, Arizona

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