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Eighty (80-89)

Cathy Greenblat,, Nice, France
Ashwani and Didi laughing, Bangalore, India 2009

Cathy Greenblat, Nice, France
Mr. Noori in front of a mural, Bangalore, India 2009



Cynthia Zordich, Canfiel, Ohio, USA
Last Summer Summer 2003

Cynthia Zordich, Canfiel, Ohio
Will They Be Mad? Summer 2003


Gesa Cowell, Carlsbad, California, USA
Final Portrait May 2008

Joanne Bartone, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Doris; in Memoriam September 2003


Natascha Unkart, Vienna, Austria
Father of the Bride September 2009


Tracey Conwell, Houston, Tx, USA
Mom now: La Dolce Vita December 2008

Ninety (90-99)

Janet Grey, Los Angeles, California, USA
Face of History, Northern Vietnam January 2009

Joan Gallant Dooley,
Pasadena, CA, USA
Hairdresser House Call, 2010

Judy Cooper, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Marjorie Morrison  2010

Monika Aniko Merva, Brooklyn
New York, USA, Doki 2009


100 (100-100+)

Angelique Antoniou, Burbank, California
USA, Pure Joy 2001

Jackie Weisberg, Brooklyn, New York, USA
Rose Fazio November 2008


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