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Twenty (20-29)

Amanda Stevenson Lupke, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA,
Horseman of Philadelphia Series, Al with Bingo October 2009

Gabriela Moya, Los Angeles, California, USA
Ceremonia 1999


Heather C Park, Salem, New Hampshire, USA,
La Femme Nikki December 2009


Heide Hatry, New York, New York, USA
Violette 2008

Jackie Weisberg, Brooklyn, New York, USA,
Marc Curtis, July 2007

Joyce Prindiville Lopez, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Princess Bride 2005

Lourdes Jeannette, New York, New York
Alberto, April 2010

Margaret P. Evans,
Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, USA,
Ian Smoking April 2007

Mark Tedeschi, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Swings and Roundabouts June 2010

Michele Taras, Brampton - Ontario, Canada
Felicia 2009


Noelle McCleaf, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA,
Upon April 2010

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Birth    Baby   Toddler  Child  Teen   20s    30s   40s    50s    60s    70s   80s   90s  100s     Exhibitor list    1st Place    2nd Place

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