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Barbara White, Laguna Beach, California, USA,
Taureg Girl November 2000

Bernadette Melissa Ortiz, Los Angeles, California, USA,
An Old Soul May 2009

CaroH, Montréal, Québec, Canada    
Apple Girl, October 18, 2008

Elizabeth Finlayson, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta, Indonesia
Have we reached your Shangri La? July 2008 Yunnan Provence, China

Elizabeth Finlayson, Jakarta, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta,
Blissful connectedness September 2009, Ancol, Jakarta, Indonesia


Jamie Johnson, Los Angeles, California, USA,
Tribal Girl India 2010


Jesco Tscholitsch, Luzern, Switzerland,
Chimeric Face J. December 2009

Joyce Prindiville Lopez,
Chicago, Illinois, USA,
Little Eve 2006

Karen Shephard,
Dublin, Ohio, USA,
Sarah Smiles


Karine Lim,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia    
Mexican kids 2006

Kelly Caves,
Long Beach, California, USA,
Srey Nit, Phnom Phen, Cambodia January 2010

Kristal Dickerson, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA,
Happy Birthday September 2009

Maria Martin, Los Angeles, California, USA, Evrithiki
July 2008 MartinM-child.jpg

Marti Belcher,
Vienna, Virginia USA,
Beautiful Child of Burma, 2008

Michele A. Hubbs, Simi Valley, California, USA,
Five September 2009

Michele Taras, Brampton - Ontario, Canada,
Brothers 2009

Monika Aniko Merva, Brooklyn, New York, USA,
Tamás Upside Down 2008

Rachelle Omenson, Collingswood, New Jersey, USA,
Amy July 2010


Sara Ronayne, Acton, Massachusetts, USA,
Flower Girl November 2008

Sarah Bones, Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA   
The Boy at the Fair   August, 2009

Sharon Speck, Yorba Linda, California, USA,
Playin' with the Big Boys May 2010

Tara Moore, London, United Kingdom,
Faye January 2010


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Birth    Baby   Toddler  Child  Teen   20s    30s   40s    50s    60s    70s   80s   90s  100s     Exhibitor list    1st Place    2nd Place

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