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Thirty (30-39)

Jean Karotkin, Dallas, Texas, USA
Randy 2006

Judith Feinman, Baldwin Harbor, New York, USA
Purple Man June 2010

Karen Thumann, Norman Oklahoma



Marci Michelle, Valley Glen, California, USA,
Work Casualty September 2009

Melissa Roldan, Venice, California, USA
Coach Alfred June 2006


Monika Aniko Merva,
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Jelena Behread 2003

Rita Minichiello, Los Angeles California, USA
Eyes of Debra C. September 2007

Zorica Purlija, Bondi Beach, NSW, Australia
Lisa May 2009

Forty (40-49)


Jaecyne Howell, Long Island City, New York, USA    1st Place Winner

Mahazi May 2010

Karine Lim,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia,  
Salud!   2006


Kay Erickson, Long Beach, California, USA
Two Gurus, February 2008 http://kayerickson.com

Margaret P. Evans Shippensburg, Pennsylvania USA,
Bill, December 2006

Maya Dreilinger, Los Angeles, California, USA
Ann Bey: Portraits From Skid Row August 2007


Michele Taras, Brampton, Ontario, Canada,
Sisterhood Photograph of breast cancer survivor Catherine and Danielle who has recently passed on. Celebrating the sisterhood of survivorship


Monika Aniko Merva,  Brooklyn, New York, USA
Haunted 2001


Nancy Clendaniel, Enumclaw, Washington, USA
John Mayall, Los Angeles, May 1989

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