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FotoQuote PRO 5.0


international photography awards

P I E Z O G R A P H Y by Cone Editions

Epson Stylus Photo R800 Overview
* Epson UltraChromeª Hi-Gloss pigment ink for archival quality glossy and matte photos lasting up to 80 years
* Eight individual cartridges, including matte black ink and gloss optimizer
* World's first 1.5-picoliter droplets and up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi for unsurpassed clarity and detail
* Prints a 5" x 7" color photo in as fast as 45 seconds and black text at up to 17 ppm
* True BorderFreeª photo printing in popular photo sizes (4" x 6", 5" x 7" and 8" x 10") * Print directly on ink jet printable CD/DVDs
* Fast connectivity with built-in USB 2.0 Hi-Speed and IEEE 1394 FireWire¨

Brilliance you can see. Experience the power and speed of the Epson Stylus¨

Photo R800. Print brilliant archival quality glossy and matte photos!

The world's first printer with 1.5- picoliter ink droplets and up to 5760 x 1440 optimized dpi, this revolutionary performer gives new meaning to quality and detail. And, it provides eight individual cartridges, including matte black ink and a unique gloss optimizer, for professional results every time - no matter what the paper type.

Durable Epson UltraChrome Hi-Gloss pigment inks deliver long-lasting portraits, landscapes and more on virtually any media, including ink jet printable CD/DVDs and 4" and 8.3" roll paper. It also prints borderless photos in convenient, frame-ready sizes. And, with innovative PRINT Image Matchingª II technology, you'll get brilliant prints automatically from popular digital cameras.

The Epson Stylus Photo R800 offers groundbreaking quality and performance, for perfect prints made to last. With Epson Softwareª Film Factoryª, Epson Print CDª software, and premium ICC Profiles, all included in the box, this affordable ink jet offers a complete photographic solution for many creative projects. Whisper-quiet operation and fast built-in connectivity make it an ideal fit for any home or studio, while high-speed performance makes it the perfect printer for quickly creating show-stopping high-gloss prints.

  The Epson Print Academy (now thu July 25, 2004 in a city near you) Two exciting new ways to learn the expert techniques, valuable tips and insider secrets the pros use to create spectacular digital prints. Held in 30 cities across the U.S. and Canada, this ALL NEW half-day event is packed with tips, techniques and insider secrets for taking your photography and digital prints to the next level and beyond. Don't miss this one...you'll learn a lot, even if photographer expert/host Vincent Versace's ego is bit through the roof..!

WIPI recommends this product to every photographer who wants to have the best possible research for pricing their photography. It's a must have program and will bring great clarity to your photography promotion and contract negotiations.

For Immediate Release Contact: Therese Bagshaw
Director of Sales
E-mail: info@fotoquote.com

Cradoc Corporation Releases fotoQuote Pro 5.0
The Industry Standard Price Guide for Stock and Assignment Photography
Version 5.0 has over 80 new Categories with completely updated Pricing information including new technologies. Also has a new Interface, Find screen, Notes window, and more.

Point Roberts, WA – February 2004 – Cradoc Corporation, a major developer of computer software for the freelance photographer, today announced the release of fotoQuote Pro 5. FotoQuote Pro 5 is an electronic price guide for stock and assignment photography. FotoQuote Pro 5 is the only source of pricing information for photographers that gives you powerful Coaching help in every one of its 218 pricing categories. FotoQuote not only helps you come up with a fair price for your image license, but also gives you the inside information you will need to help you negotiate and close the sale.

“The changes in the photo industry are huge since we last released the original fotoQuote in 1993,” said Cradoc Bagshaw, President of Cradoc Corporation and Creator of fotoQuote. “I spent nearly a year working on this update and I was surprised at how much time it took to get a handle on what is currently happening in the photo industry. I believe that there are two main reasons for the changes I am seeing. The first is that two large stock agencies are dominating the world markets. The other is that companies are using photographs in many different ways because of digital technology and more targeted advertising. The photo industry is transforming in major ways and I wanted to be sure that fotoQuote Pro 5 would supply the photographer with the information that he or she needs to understand and take advantage of those changes.”

FotoQuote automates the process of creating a quote for stock photography submissions. “Our research has shown that when a price quote is given in writing instead of verbally there is a much higher chance of getting the asking price,” said Bagshaw. “ There are fewer problems, including copyright infringement or rights grabs, if the photographer is willing to take the time to send the client the correct paperwork outlining the exact details of the job, including usages and rights that are to be granted.”

The Coach section is a very popular feature of fotoQuote and it’s packed full of more negotiating and pricing information than ever before. It’s been compared to attending a weekend pricing seminar.

"FotoQuote is the number one program to help photographers gain a clear picture on how to price their photographic images. Most photographers would be nuts if they don’t have fotoQuote, “ said photographer Jean Ferro, the President of Women In Photography International.

Among fotoQuote Pro 5’s new features are:

New Categories: There are over 80 new categories for a total of 218. There are dozens of new categories that deal with new technologies like, Film, Web, CD/DVD and Television.

New Interface: Using fotoQuote is greatly simplified. When creating a quote you simply click a category tab: Advertising, Corporate, Editorial, Electronic, etc, and select the usage you want. FotoQuote once again runs in a single window making it easy to use with other programs.

New Find Screen: There are so many categories in fotoQuote Pro 5 we’ve added a new find screen that makes finding usages easy. Just type in a word or phrase, click the find button, and you will get a list of usages from throughout the program that match.

New Notes Window: Each of fotoQuote’s main categories now has a notes window that lets you keep multiple notes with sales information for each of your transactions in that category.

New Updated Pricing: All of the prices have been carefully reviewed from actual sales records, and raised or lowered to reflect the current market.

“Thanks for all your good work. I have used fotoQuote many times to price sales and it has been invaluable at protecting me from seriously under pricing my work. It gives me the confidence to offer a price, based on your database, then ‘clam up’ and let the client do the rest of the talking. Plus your helpful tips and tutorials on pricing unusual uses, negotiating and all the rest of it are a godsend for those of us slogging it out in the freelance market,” said Jim Lawrence, photographer and writer.

Priced at $149.95, fotoQuote Pro 5 is an excellent value ($139.95 for the download version). An upgrade price for registered owners of fotoQuote or fotoBiz is also available. Please view our web site www.fotoquote.com or call us at 360-945-1380 for more specific details on upgrade pricing. By popular demand fotoQuote is now available once again as a standalone application.

Founded in 1993 Cradoc Corporation is a leading developer of computer software for the freelance photographer. Cradoc Corp also develops fotoBiz the complete business management solution for the freelance photographer. For more information visit www.fotobiz.net.

Cradoc Corporation
PO Box 1310
Point Roberts, WA 98281
Phone: 360-945-1380
Email: info@fotoquote.com

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The first IPA Gala will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday, December 7th, 2003
Gala Awards ceremony, Winners and nominees from countries across the globe will gather to pay tribute to the year's most outstanding achievements and to honor the all-time greats.



The International Photography Awards, a global celebration of photographic acumen and imagination, was launched today in Los Angeles. This unique international competition aims to salute the achievements of the world's finest photographers, to discover new and emerging talent, and to promote the appreciation of photography all over the world.

"For years we have witnessed lack of recognition for the great talent and contributions of photographers both here and abroad," said H. Farmani, the executive director of the International Photography Awards. "We plan to shine the spotlight on the brilliant work of both professionals and amateurs alike."

A glamorous Gala Awards ceremony, held at the home of the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills, will cap off the competition each year. Winners and nominees from countries across the globe will gather to pay tribute to the year's most outstanding achievements and to honor the all-time greats. The first IPA Gala will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on
December 7, 2003

Winners of the first annual International Photography Awards will set the standard of photographic excellence for years to come. In addition to the top prizes, all entrants will compete for certificates of achievement in seven major categories that include Photojournalism, Advertising, Nature Photography, Architectural Photography, Portraiture and Fine Art.

For additional information on the International Photography Awards,

WIPI Thanks IPA for their generous support to our organization and members

Gala Awards Ceremony

"Palms" Photograph: ©Rose-Lynn Fisher

Read what industry insiders are writing about PiezoTone Monochromatic inks
SEE Four different PiezoTone hue choices.

PiezographyBW ICC printer profiles
Piezography¨BW uses a new generation of industry standard ICC / ICM profiles which have been invented to provide the user with tonal management for a variety of media when using PiezoTone inks. No software other than that which ships with the printer is required to use these profiles. PiezographyBW ICC profiles are used to linearize a media from its dMax (maximum black density) to paper white. PiezographyBW ICC profiles are designed to produce dotless (virtual) images using the manufacturer's own printer driver. read more

PiezographyBW ICC profiles with the appropriate media produce an extremely long tonal latitude, capable of separating a grayscale into 256 distinct luminosity values of gray. PiezographyBW differentiates between highlight and shadow details which escape definition in other digital systems as well as traditional darkroom printing. The PiezographyBW system does not have the shoulder and toe restrictions of conventional darkroom paper. Photographers who are not used to the system may be amazed at how the PiezographyBW system renders detail in both the extreme highlights and shadows. Piezography has profiled the most popular papers. Use PiezographyBW ICC profiles to print from any application which can open and print a grayscale image. Works with Mac OS9, Mac OSX and all versions of Windows since 98 Second Edition.

Exhibition quality prints Longest dynamic range Repeatable print on demand Palladium quality no toxicity. At the website you will find, testimonials, media kits, press releases and excellent articles. It's a wealth of information about the digital printing capabilities.

Piezography quad black inks make black & white prints which look like exhibition quality photographs when used in conjunction with special PiezographyBW ICC profiles for Mac and Windows. You can purchase this entire solution at InkjetMall

Inside Cone's Head at www.piezography.com you'll find a (348k pdf) An interview with fine art printer and inkjet pioneer Jon Cone by Claude J. Jodoin PEI Magazine - September 2002. This is an in depth article about Jon Cone and how he developed the Piezography technique and how it's being applied today. Here's a snapshot of the list of questions asked by Claude J. Jodoin

PEI: Can you give us a little background on yourself and your company?.
PEI: What are your thoughts for photographers,who all of a sudden are selling inkjet color output in their businesses and using watercolor papers and canvas?
PEI: Do you have any advice for photographers using these papers?
PEI: What about canvas materials?
PEI: Do you think professional photographers will help to grow the archival paper market significantly?
PEI: Outputting pigmented ink prints on matte papers and canvas is fine, but what about the photographers who are looking to make prints that look like conventional RA-4 prints?
PEI: Let's talk about what you are known for, black-and-white fine art printing and your Piezography system.
PEI: That's fine for the matte papers, but what about gloss and semi-gloss papers?

For more information about Jon Cone's printing techniques,visit www.inkjetmall.com. Cone Editions has been providing innovative black and white inkjet techniques and methodology since 1993. See Cone Editions Press, Ltd. Black and White Digital Timeline

Cone Editions is one of the earliest pioneers of fine art and photographic digital inkjet printing. They have been training digital studios and individuals since 1992. Their clients include David Adamson, Jamie Cook, Robert Rauschenberg, Robert Buckenmeyer and many others. Their small group workshops take place at Cone Editions Studio in East Topsham, VT and feature hands-on learning experiences.

If you take one workshop in your lifetime according to Cone Editions, this should be it. You leave with the knowledge to explore and print your work with confidence. Workshop Descriptions:

The Complete Digital Workflow color and B&W (new)
B&W: The Digital Fine Print
The Digital Fine Print (new)
Mastering Your Color EPSON¨ printer
Scanning for Photographers
Setting up a Digital Print Studio (for Educators) More info...

January 6-9, 2004
January 13-16 , 2004
February 24-27, 2004
March 2-5, 2004
March 16-19, 2004

Please speak with Cathy Cone at Cone Editions Press for detailed information, to reserve a place, and any questions you may have concerning these workshops. (802) 439-5751 ext. 101 (also see the Color portfolio of Cathy Cone at the Art BarkGallery.

b/w piezograph images graciously provided to WIPI by Rose-Lynn Fisher

"Sedona" Photograph: ©Rose-Lynn Fisher



Visit the EPSON Website to see the lastest line up of PROFESSIONAL PRINTERS for your home and business

Multi Function printers and a host of incredible products to fill your needs, from the C80 to the 900 that prints directly onto a newly created CD to the 9600 for large scale prints. Epson leads the way and has created a new life in photography that is geared toward the finest printing capabilities ever.

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