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Catherine E. Money   2nd place    Self-Portraits

 "Para llenar estas botas" 2008, Polaroid Spectra film scanned, 30" x 30" print

"Giving" Part One of dyptch. Digitally captured, printed on lens cleaning tissue

"Receiving" Part Two of dyptch. Digitally captured, printed on lens cleaning tissue

"The Color of Wind "
Photographed on Ilford 4x5 film. Printed on handmade Japanese Washi paper

"Twilight" Digital capture printed on metallic substrate

"Exposure" Time lapse imagery on digital capture

Catherine E. Money South Pasadena, California, USA     

Catherine Ellen Money, Photographic Artist and Poet.  "I believe that one of the most difficult tasks a photographer can do is to turn the lens towards oneself. It is a great challenge not only to see outside of yourself, but to also come to terms with the inner self. At times, I find the physical qualities to have such a loud voice, that it is difficult to find a way to speak to the meaning, greater than that of our physical presence. Each self portrait that I have ever attempted to create, has taught me something new about how I perceive myself and the world around me. Its as though , a self portrait gives an artist a private window into a very private world. Perhaps it is no more than what all photographs demand, but somehow, with a self portrait, because of its intimacy, there is a deep responsibility to express an authentic voice."    RESUME


1st Place (12 images)
Laura Bennett, Pearland, Texas, USA
2nd Place (6 images)
Catherine E. Money, South Pasadena, California, USA
3rd Place (3 images)
Diane Silverman, Los Angeles, California, USA

SELF PORTRAITS  < Honorable Mention Juror Choice

Juror: Jean Ferro
Photo Artist / President
Women In Photography International


1st Place
(12 images)
Susan Liebold, New York City, New York, USA

2nd Place (6 images)
Judy Cooper, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
3rd Place (3 images)
Sarah Bones, Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA

FAMILY GATHRINGS  < Honorable Mention Juror Choice

Juror:  Audrey Jonckheer
Worldwide Pro Photographer Relations


1st Place (12 images)
Sarah Bones, Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA
2nd Place (6 images)
Glennis Siverson, Orlando, Florida, USA
3rd Place (3 images)
Cary Loving, Richmond, Virginia, USA

LANDSCAPES < Honorable Mention Juror Choice

Juror: Sarah Leen
Senior Photo Editor
National Geographic Society


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